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Banks, Community Banks and Credit Unions

Syntrove offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and services aimed at enhancing the capabilities of banks and other financial institutions, particularly in the areas of risk management, compliance, and customer onboarding.


1. Risk Management Solutions: Syntrove focuses on helping institutions navigate the complexities of financial risks, offering services like fraud and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) alert investigation, account opening screening, and targeted marketing acquisition due diligence. They also provide enterprise risk solutions, including transaction monitoring, eGRC platform optimization, and risk control frameworks. 

2. Master Data Managment Solution (MDM): The Data Management and Master Data Management (MDM) Solution is a cornerstone for ensuring that your organization's data assets are accurate, consistent, and accessible. This feature empowers you to establish a single source of truth, enhancing data quality and reliability across your enterprise, which in turn drives better decision-making and operational efficiency.

3. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Tools: Our AML solutions utilize advanced analytics to monitor financial transactions, assess risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide detailed reporting and analytics for strategic decision-making. This solution is designed to be customizable to fit the specific needs and risk profiles of each business. 

4. Onboarding and Account Opening Solution: To improve customer initiation processes, Syntrove's onboarding solutions feature automated workflows, identity verification technologies, customizable onboarding processes, and compliance checks. This ensures a seamless, efficient, and secure transition for new customers, aligning with regulatory standards like KYC and AML. 


1. Investigation Resources: Syntrove has a proprietary academy to ensure we provide trained, certified and consistent investigation resources for your project. When you need investigators that have a specific rule and alert knowledge, platform experience or overall understanding of Fraud, AML, or Crypto, we can provide them. Across full time placements, contract help or resources as a part of a managed service, Syntrove can help. 

2. Solutions Delivery: Syntrove offers a range of services tailored for financial crime prevention and compliance. This includes data preparation, cleansing, enrichment, and quality assurance, requirements analysis for business-specific needs, and investigation support to streamline the detection and handling of financial crimes.

3. Data Management: We believe that after your team and partnerships, your data is your largest asset. With our experience with Master Data Management (MDM), Governance and Stewardship, we can help you drive reporting, sales, next product to sale and operational velocity metrics. 

These offerings are part of Syntrove's broader commitment to utilizing technology and expert knowledge to address business challenges and improve operational efficiencies for financial institutions. They emphasize the importance of integrating these systems with existing financial technology to provide real-time solutions and support that enhance the customer experience and maintain compliance with evolving financial regulations.

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