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Casinos, Gaming and Racetracks


Step up your game with Syntroves’ advanced security and compliance solutions, tailored for the casino and gaming industries. Our robust software enables casinos to safeguard their operations, adhere to strict regulatory standards, and provide a secure gaming environment.



  • Enhanced Patron Tracking: Track and monitor player activity across all platforms to ensure compliance and spot unusual behavior patterns.

  • Transaction Monitoring: Implement real-time surveillance of all financial transactions to quickly identify and address potential risks of money laundering.

  • Age Verification: With our ID Validation, ensure your patrons comply with the age restrictions, as well as sanctions, watchlist and gaming exclusion lists.

  • Compliance Reporting: Effortlessly generate detailed reports that meet regulatory requirements, helping you stay compliant with local and international laws.

  • Risk Management: Utilize our dynamic risk management tools to assess and mitigate risks associated with high-stake gamblers and large transactions.



  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure full compliance with gambling regulations and anti-money laundering laws to avoid penalties and fines.

  • Risk Reduction: Reduce the risk of financial crimes in your casino with proactive monitoring and detection of suspicious activities.

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline your AML processes to improve operational efficiency and player satisfaction.

  • Scalable Technology: Our solutions grow with your business, easily adjusting to new markets and regulatory changes.

  • Enhanced Reputation: Protect and enhance your casino’s reputation by maintaining a secure and compliant gaming environment.


Why Choose Syntrove?

Syntrove is dedicated to providing the gaming industry with state-of-the-art AML compliance solutions. With years of expertise and a focus on innovation, we help casinos not only meet compliance requirements but also enhance their operational efficacy and customer trust. Our solutions are trusted by leading gaming establishments around the globe.


Get Started

Elevate your casino’s compliance and security standards with Syntrove. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions or to schedule a live demonstration.

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