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Investigation Services

Syntrove specializes in training and deploying certified resources to handle your regulatory investigations. Syntrove has a proprietary academy to ensure we provide trained, certified and consistent investigation resources for your project. When you need investigators that have a specific rule and alert knowledge, platform experience or overall understanding of Fraud, AML, or Crypto, we can provide them. 

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The Academy can provide training and certification on:

  • AML alert Workflow process 

  • Essential Terms and Meanings 

  • Components of an Alert and Investigation 

  • AML Alert and Case dispositioning with practical alert/case examples along with over 50 years practical experience to reinforce the necessary and consistent completion of alert and case production. 

  • Provide essential tools and resources for alert triage and adjudication 

  • Escalations for SAR filing and reporting including completing narratives for filings as required by BSA/AML rules and regulations 

  • Sanctions and Negative News - How and where to find this information and how to include in a consistent written narrative for alerts, cases and SARs

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