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Lending, Retail and Supply Chain

Empower your lending operations with Syntroves’ AML compliance solutions. Designed specifically for you, our software helps you navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance while enhancing loan processing efficiency and security.


  • Automated Borrower Screening: Utilize advanced algorithms to conduct thorough background checks on potential borrowers, identifying any financial crime risks.

  • Vendor Management: Continuously monitor vendors and end users for any signs of money laundering or fraudulent activity.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence: Implement risk-based due diligence processes to assess the financial integrity of borrowers.

  • Compliance Reporting: Generate compliance reports automatically to fulfill regulatory obligations without manual effort.

  • Portfolio Risk Management: Assess and manage the risks across your entire loan portfolio with sophisticated analytics tools.


  • Improved Loan Security: Minimize risks associated with lending by identifying potential fraudsters and money launderers early in the process.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay compliant with all national and international regulations to avoid costly penalties.

  • Operational Efficiency: Speed up loan processing times while maintaining high security and compliance standards.

  • Risk Reduction: Proactively manage and mitigate risks throughout the borrower lifecycle.

  • Enhanced Decision Making: Leverage detailed analytics to make more informed lending decisions.

  • Enhanced Customer Trust: Build customer confidence by maintaining a secure shopping environment.

Why Choose Syntrove?

Syntrove provides cutting-edge technology tailored for the lending sector, ensuring that your institution can safely extend credit while fully complying with AML regulations. Our solutions are trusted by top financial institutions globally to secure their operations and enhance their lending capabilities.

Relevant Services and Solutions

Onboarding and Account Opening Solution

Streamline the loan application process while maintaining regulatory compliance and reducing risk.

Data Management and MDM

Ensure accurate and consistent customer and product data across all channels, improving decision-making and operational efficiency.

Vendor Management Solution

Optimize supplier relationships and ensure compliance throughout your supply chain.

Fraud and Transaction Monitoring

Protect against fraudulent loan applications and transactions with advanced detection tools.

Get Started

Take the next step in securing and streamlining your lending process. Contact Syntroves today for more information or to request a demo.

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