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Risk Management

Risk Management is only getting more complex, requiring you constantly keep your eye on emerging threats, regulations and technology. Syntrove makes it our priority to stay on top of this and adds that value to our clients.


  • The regulatory pressure for Banks, FinTech's and Insurance companies are growling everyday. Syntrove has a robust team of industry experts to help you navigate the strategy, plan and execution of your Risk Domain. We have a managed service practice for:

  • Fraud Alerts, Investigation and SAR Filing

  • AML Alerts, Investigation and SAR Filing

  • Account Opening Screening and Targeted Marketing/Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Info Security and Privacy Alert and Escalation

Enterprise Risk

  • With Decades of experience, our team can help you with:

  • Transaction and Case Monitorization

  • eGRC Platform Selection and Optimization

  • Process Risk Control Inventory (PRCI) and Risk Control Self Assessment (RCSA) Framework and Execution

  • Risk Assessments and Enhanced Risk Assessments for Product Launch

First Line of Defense

  • Risk Assessment

  • Control Review and Enhancements

  • Process Map Creation

  • Risk and Reg Alignment

Audit and Pre-Exam

  • Pre-Exam Review

  • Lookbacks

  • Issue Management and Remediation

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